When is the best time to get a sonogram?

I believe this depends on your doctor. With my first couple I had ultrasounds at 20 weeks. That was standard "back then". With my oldest I had a late sonogram because they were worried baby was too big to deliver.

After my miscarriages, I would get an early ultrasound just to see how the pregnancy was progressing from the get-go.

I didn't have an ultrasound with my last three babies.

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    With my 3, I had a dating sonogram at 10-12 weeks, and then an anatomy scan at around 20 weeks.

    With Mason and Audrey we paid for 3D sonograms - Mason at 30 weeks, Audrey at 15 (to get an early peek and find out if she was a girl or boy!)
    8Theresa Gould
    I never heard of a dating sonogram or anatomy scan and as far as I know they didn't offer 3D.....makes me feel kind of ancient.
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