When will my cylce return: breastfeeding mom

For me, my body has a very difficult time ovulating while I'm breastfeeding. My last regular period was October 2008, before I conceived Mason.

With Audrey, my cycle had not returned, but I felt myself ovulate and since we had sex the night before I told my husband "we're pregnant with a girl!" It wasn't until 2.5 weeks later that I got a positive pregnancy test and was able to prove myself partially right... and then a few months later I proved myself ALL the way right ;)

With Hayden, my cycle had not returned, and since Audrey was well over a year I was testing every 2 weeks as we weren't preventing and weren't necessarily trying either.

Some breastfeeding mothers get their period back almost immediately. Most commonly, it comes back when the baby starts sleeping longer stretches at night and Mom isn't breastfeeding as often overnight.

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    Mine varied. With my first it was back pretty much in six weeks. With others I didn't have a period for 12-18 months.
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