Article: Radical Free Gift for Fathers

I don't know that I think much about how my husband and I were parented as we parent our children. I know I have chosen to do some things differently than my own parents, no disrepect to them.

This article the woman suggests giving your husband a gift:

“Part of the gift of parenthood is insight into how we and our partner were parented, to see below the surface into our partner’s unique history and to give them opportunities to heal it in the day to day parenting present.”

I'm not sure I quite get what she is trying to say or that we need to heal from how we were parented in order to parent well ourselves. I think the way we parent is a choice. My parenting style comes from several women in my life. I also helped my husband figure things out until I let go and let him figure it out on his own.

I guess I am not getting it. Do you get what gift she is referring to?…

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