Do you find family get togethers stressful?

I don't personally, my family is all pretty laid back. For the most part. Our personalities mesh well and for those of us with harder to handle personalities, well we love them so we let it slide. No ones perfect, right?

I was reading this article about the different kinds of family members you may have at a dysfunctional family dinner. I shouldn't laugh, but some of it was kind of funny.

How do you feel about family get togethers?…

    Sometimes. It all depends on who's there and some other factors like time of day. If it isn't starting until like 7pm then yes because my kids go to bed around 8:30 so then they get cranky and mischievous because they are tired and want to get ready for bed. And there's nothing more embarrassing than your child acting up or acting like a cranky brat in front of everyone.
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