..being induced early for NON medical reasons.

Mamas.. do you agree with this? Do you know someone who did this? More out of convenience than of concern? I always wonder what doctor lets this happen. I strongly agree with the March of Dimes and their motto of not making a baby come early.. letting it happen when it's supposed to.. there is a reason your body knows what to do when the time comes!

    I did!!! There was a slight concern for Lucas being too big for me and having to have a c section, but really, it was for my convenience. He was hurting me so often. I made sure I was a full 40 weeks though (if he didn't come sooner on his own.) I can honestly say I don't even know what labor feels like too because I got an epidural before the big contractions even came. Inducing was more for my benefit, I admit, and I honestly think he wasn't ready because he refused to go down more to get me to 10 cm. But he was a big perfectly healthy boy and I can honestly say I'd do the exact same thing with my next baby at 40 weeks, if (s)he didn't come sooner on his/her own. :)
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