Working man vs Family man

Do you think it is possible for a man to be a working man and a family man or do you think some men would rather work more then spend time with family?

Also do you think it is healthy for partners to keep things from each other, such as thinks they like to do and don't feel the need to tell you or vise versa? I think it's healthy to have hobbies we enjoy doing seperatly but I don't see the need in not telling each other about it.

    I don't see the point in not telling your partner something. David and I are completely honest with each other. Also, he is definitely a working and a family man. He loves to go to work and get a break from Lucas, but he totally is excited to stay home on his days off and spend them with us. :)
      My fiance works his butt off since he's our only income but comes home and spends time with us before everyone goes to bed. He loves to play and cuddle with the kids. Sometimes he helps put the kids to bed and might read them a book or two. There are times I fall asleep on the couch and the baby wakes up and I have no idea because my fiance will go get him so they can hang out for a bit before we go to bed. I will wake up to the sound of him talking to the baby or them playing. Its cute and nice to see him set aside some time for us even though hes exhausted at the end of the day.
        I think it's best to try to balance working man/family man, and the same goes for a woman. What's more important is being vested and accepting in one's role as a parent, and not shirking that responsibility, however it may fall. If being there is how you best help your family, so be it. Or working. But being sure to share that responsibility how ever it is best split makes for mature and successful parenting.

        I think if you can't tell your partner something, really explore why that might be. That answer is the one that matters and draws the line of right and wrong.
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