Birth Story for Avery James Gier, for those that are interested

So on October 8, 2013 I got the awesome news from a little stick that I was carrying a baby! On December 26th, I found out said baby was a boy, and by January 20th, 2014 Matt and I had picked out the name Avery James Gier. This was the start and progression of some of the most awesome moments of my life, and without a doubt, the highpoint of my pregnancy.

You see, in the highlights and big moments of my pregnancy, when i entered third trimester at 27 weeks, they say it's the beginning of the end, and for me, it was the beginning of the end of what I had planned for regarding Avery's birth. At 27 weeks gestation, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and what was a stress-free and amazing time in my life, became quite stressful, and difficult to deal with. And, much to my dismay, would end the wonderful plans I had for a midwifery attended birth at a freestanding birth center. And so, at 34 weeks I was sent to an OB/Gyn from my midwives, and told that I could not go full term. Induction would take place at 39 weeks.

So we were set to induce on Friday, June 13th, 2014. Unfortunately, as I was getting excited to become a mom, and coming to terms with an induction I didn't see as necessary, I felt like total crap all of Saturday, decided to take my blood pressure when nothing else seemed to be causing it, and found it to be elevated. We called my doctor, who told us to go into labor and delivery for an evaluation, and after about 5-6 hours in labor and delivery, we were sent home, blood pressure stabelized at normal, and told to come back if there were any sudden facial swelling, headache that doesn't go away, ect. So we went home, and I kept a loose eye on my blood pressure, but for the most part didn't think too much of it. And then I woke up Monday morning with what my husband called my "chipmunk" face. So, into labor and delivery we went, and this time I was admitted, and held for 24 hours for observation, durring which time they did a 24 hour urine collection, multiple blood tests, and about a hundred blood pressures. At this point, my blood pressures had established themselves largely over the 140/90 safety threshold. Tuesday, after the 24 hour urine came back, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and discharged to go home, and come back for my regularly scheduled prenatal appointment and biophysical, something that I was having to do weekly for gestational diabetes.

Having done my research, and realizing how potentially dangerous pre-eclampsia is, I re-scheduled my ultrasound for an earlier time, and planned to demand induction that day (Wednesday/yesterday, June 11th) or, to be kept at the hospital until they do induce, under strict and frequent observation.

Turns out, that wasn't necessary. My biophysical showed no measurable amniotic fluid. I was sent directly down to my OB, who cut her lunch break short to examine me, where I found out my progress through early labor was now 4cm, 80% dilated, -2 station and midposition for the cervix- which was just fantastic for an induction. She then promptly told me to get dressed, and that with no measurable fluid showing, the game had changed and I was to be induced immediately. I told her no worries, we were on the same page, hopped into my wheelchair-transport, and began to go from confident I'm-going-to-get-induced-today to holy-crap-I'm-getting-induced-today-what-did-i-get-myself into? Well, they wasted no time after admission in getting me started on pitocin, which I did get them to turn down, on occasion, but I was not allowed to have it turned off and go on my own at any point throughout labor. Which sucked. I tried to talk them into it, but the lowest they would go is a 4. Hubby and I played some cards waiting for the contractions to kick up, and then my mom, grandma, mom-in-law and cindy showed up, and chatted until 3 hours later my doctor came in to see how I was progressing, and when she found me at 5cm, broke my water while she was at it. That was when the fun and games ended, and as they say, the work of labor began.

My doula showed up shortly afterwards, and I have to sat that having her there was a godsend. Hubby was quite intuitive until she showed up, and was able to help me through the first really intense contractions. When Jessica (my doula) showed up, my legs had started to become real distractions from the contractions, which were indeed getting more and more intense. She, thanakfully had ideas where hubby and I had none- and I was able to get to 7cm without using pain meds, but eventually I decided that pain meds, but not the epidural, was the only way I would get my mind away from my poor legs, and focused on the contractions as it should be. So, I asked Jessica what options, other than an epidural, did I have, that would either not cross the placenta, or wear off before birth. She suggested Stadol, being sure to say it'd just take the edge off, and so I trusted her and got 1mg of stadol. That helped exactly as I wanted, and I was able, finally, to relax between contractions- maybe even faling asleep or into a trace-like state, between contractions- though to be sure, there wasn't a lot of 'between contractions' at that point. At some point, and I can't remember why, after the meds I had another cerivical check that put me at 8 and I, after digging in myself to ask if that meant I was in transition or not- as I didn't feel all that different from previously, that I was told I was in transition, and my doctor showed up, along with whatever nurses, and everyone prepared for my Avery's delivery. I was told that I needed to get to a 10 before pushing, and had to use a squatting bar for a few contractions. They finally gave the ok to push at 9.5cm, and at that point I'd gotten to where I couldn't really not-push anyways.

Pushing was definitely my favorite part. Oh, it was hard, but it was so rewarding! For once the contractions led me to do something, and had a bit of a rest between them! YAY! From the talk of everyone in the room, I guess I was a pretty awesome pusher too. I don't know how long I was pushing, but it doesn't seem like it was that long at all and then... Then my baby Avery came out in just two pushes (after crowning) and was placed on my chest. He pretty much immediately started crying, and his cord stopped pulsing as well, so that was cut and he and I were left to bond while the placenta was delivered, which was just a very unique experience, but not at all unpleasant.

Avery and I were allowed about an hour or so together before they took him to clean up and weigh him- all in-room, but I was left in the birthing bed to get stitched up, because Avery had his hand up with his head when he came out so I did tear, but really I don't think that has caused too many problems really, and then cleaned up myself.

When stats were calculated/measured, Avery James Gier came into this world through induction with stadol on June 11th, 2014 at 10:31pm. He weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

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