Chore and Allowance

Chores are a must. They have to learn to take care of themselves and their families when they grow up. My husband and I are still talking about if they should get an allowance or not.. But we are leaning towards not. We will provide what they need and they can learn financial responsibility through other ways. My mom used to give me the grocery ads and give me some random money amount.. I could make a list based on the amount of money I had-tax included. Math lesson and financial responsibility rolled into one.

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    It was just for fun. As we got older we got to help with the household grocery list and meal plan, but to begin with we just got a set amount and the ad.. And it would be something crazy like $9.62 or something. But they didn't have money to give all of us allowance, so that was their way of teaching us how to handle money.
      That's a really cool idea to have you shop the grocery ad. It could be adjusted based on the child's age too! Make a young kid just pick one thing in budget, a little older they have to add up a few things, a little older factor in tax, and then once they are good enough at all that math you can further complicate it by saying the items they pick has to create a well balanced meal... or even a few meals!
      No, we haven't.
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