Mom Fail

Had a major Mom fail this week. We just moved back to my hometown so I was excited to get my daughter into the pediatric practice my brother and I went to as kids and her 15 month check up was scheduled for Wednesday and I totally spaced and missed it.

The office's policy is if you miss your first new patient appointment they won't see you anymore. I was heartbroken when I called today to try and reschedule and found this out, I feel terrible. Because of my dumb miss hap my daughter is going to miss out on a great Doctor. I loved that place growing up and the one Dr. saw my brother right up until he turned 21 which was last year. There are other practices we could go to, but I don't want to. They are so good and still come highly recommended.

The front office girl told me to call the office manager and plead my case and see if she will make an exception. I am really hoping she does. I would hate for Holly to miss out on such a great doctor because i'm an idiot and forgot the appointment.

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      OH man! What a bummer, and holy cow what a strict policy!! I get it if you don't call until you need to see them because your kid is sick or something, but surely they can understand an honest mistake! Especially with the history your family has with the practice!!!
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          8Theresa Gould
          Awww...I hope they reconsider considering you are a former long-time patient. I have never heard of a practice doing this. Many of the ones we use have the policy that we are charged the office visit if we miss an appointment but we are not kicked out. :(
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