Bike Trailers for Toddler

We have one and absolutely LOVE it. We go for rides a few times a week as we live within biking distance to our neighborhood pool, the grocery store, an ice cream shop, and a few really fun parks.

Helmets aren't legally required in our state, but we put one on every member of the family for safety. We have a bike trailer on my husband's bike that two of the kids sit in, and a kangaroo seat on my bike that the third sits in. We change it up with who sits where because both of the girls prefer the kangaroo seat.

Do you bike with your children? Where do you go?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    8Theresa Gould
    No, I haven't biked in years. When we use to walk in our subdivision I preferred to walk and push the stroller and let the older children bike. Now the road we live on is so busy I don't feel safe biking with even the older children or even walking for that matter.
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