Are YouTube videos appropriate for preschool children?

Just like anything on the interenet, it completely depends on what they are looking at. There are lots of great videos on YouTube that are educational, or just plain fun for preschoolers... there are also Many MANY MANY more that would be completely inappropriate for preschoolers.

Mason loves to watch a walkthrough of his favorite video game (minecraft) on YouTube. We have found one user that makes really family friendly videos and we let him watch that every so often. Audrey loves watching ballet or other dance lessons and I super enjoy watching her try out her moves that she learns!!!

Do you let your kids watch videos on YouTube? Which ones?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    I was in a Mariah Carey mood a while back (don't judge me!) so I was watching youtube videos and "Always be my baby" came on. Coincidence I guess but Charlie LOVED THAT SONG! Other songs would interest him a bit but there was something about that video that made him dance like crazy.

    So, I think there can be some really great things about it, but as parents it's our job to monitor what they're watching.
      8Theresa Gould
      Ours are only allowed to with an older sibling or with us. There's far too many things they can come across that is inappropriate. I'd rather them watch their favorite shows on Netflix since those are usually right at the top of our account.
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