Printable Father's Day Cards

Still struggling with what your kids can do for Dad for Father's Day on Sunday? Well look no further! I found these awesome printable fathers day cards! The kids can color and decorate their own. The homemade stuff is always great.

What are your father's day plans? My husband is actually out of town for his friends bachelor party, so my daughter and I are going to shop for a little present and we are going to frame a picture of her for his desk and do a fun craft.

    I think its great Idea .because I printed phone cover for my hubby with his favorite car and his name. It was so cool and he loved it .
      8Theresa Gould
      Ours will probably make homemade cards, sweet treats and one of his favorite meal for their dad.
        Crap, I almost forgot a card! Thanks for this reminder!
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