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Once at the gas station, I turned off the car and put my keys in my purse...or so I thought. I got out, filled up the tank, and when I went to get into my car, I couldn't. My keys were still in the ignition! Nina was in her back seat, looking confused about why mommy was just standing by the door not coming in...and I started to panic. I called my husband, who has a key, but I had the car so he had to run all the way up to the gas station! It was hot out, and I was trying to find a quicker alternative, since my husband would have to run for about 20 minutes to get to us...a good Samaritan called 911 for us, and they sent a fire truck to come jimmy the door open... the fire truck got there before my husband, loud sirens and all, parking their bigass truck in the street and blocking an entire lane, which of course caused a lot of commotion and made me feel like a horrible mom because at this point nina was crying very loudly in her seat, people were staring, and the fire fighters were working on the door....when suddenly arrives my poor, sweaty, panting husband with a key. This is the only time I have ever locked my key-and baby- in the car, and now I always triple check before closing and locking the car door, whether anyone is inside it or not, to make sure, SURE, I have my keys, lol!

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    Oh my god it sucked. I was panicking at first, and the guy filling up his car across from me asked if I was ok and I explained everything and he went around asking if anyone had anything to pop the door so I wouldn't have to leave nina alone, and no one did, so he was the one who called 911 for me lol ...I still cringe in shame, thinking of that situation. Everyone kept telling me it was ok, since I had had the AC on in the car before so it was still cool inside it, and that everyone makes mistakes, not to be too hard on myself, etc...I just felt like the worst mom in the world!
      Mercy! I don't even know what I would do!
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        I did that once when I stopped to nurse my second baby. I got out of the van to get back in the driver's seat (I sat in back where baby's seat was to nurse) and left my keys in the ignition. I was so upset. I cannot remember if I called or another person called, as I pulled over at a playground, but a policeman came and jimmy opened the door. I felt the same way as you. My two year old couldn't get out of her car seat to open the door. Baby had started crying. It was not a fun experience. Thankfully it was not a hot day and we were not in the situation very long but still what an ordeal!
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