Extremely nervous!!

I am 33 weeks pregnant and realizing how soon my baby girl will be here.

I was wondering how many of you were really nervous before you had your first baby? I am scared to death to give birth.

    oh of course!! It is totally natural to be nervous! I was nervous about a lot of things, did we have everything we needed? would i be a good mom? would labor hurt? could I even get through it? what if something didn't go right? and a million other things. but once the time came, I was just so happy and focused on getting to meet my little girl that none of that mattered and instinct took over and I knew that I would do anything to get to meet her! Try and relax and enjoy your last few weeks without your little one. And trust that you are meant to be a momma and you will know just what to do!
      I was terrified! The day before I had him the doctor told me I was going to have to have a c-section and he planned it for the next morning...there comes a point when you just go into mommy mode and get through it. Mine was when we got back into our room after the surgery. But I was scared and worried the whole way up to that point.
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