It's my fault. I let the time get away from me. After Avery's party I kind of crashed. It was finally done and I could relax. Only I relaxed too much. Now it's friday and we have people coming over. I have to buy food, clean the house, etc. all while sneaking around to finish my husbands father's day stuff. Not to mention my own dad's present! I also just got swamped with new projects for work :(

I thought I could use today to catch up on the really important stuff (though I should have started earlier in the week) but Avery decided not to nap. She normally goes down around 9:00 and then again around 2:00. Well, she didn't go down until 11:45 so now I don't think she'll take her 2:00 nap either, which is when I was going to wrap DH's present and get some work done.

Did I mention DH is coming home early today so I don't have much time to get it wrapped up? Ugh... I'm overwhelmed...

    8Theresa Gould
    When it rains it pours, right? I've done things like this before. Breathe. Take one thing at a time. Prioritze and get what you can done while Avery is down today and again after she goes to bed.
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