Story of how your teeth were affected by becoming moms

Nothing really changed in my teeth once I became a mom. My mother, however, had dentures by the time she was 27 and she claims her pregnancies just depleted her calcium and cause her teeth to deteriorate. She was adamant about our dental care when we were children and she worried about us when we entered our childbearing years. Thankfully, 3 out of 4 of us have faired well.

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    Mine felt softer and I got an infection (gross I know) under my gums that they say is common to get during pregnancy. I had to get a deep cleaning to get rid of it and it caused a little bit of bone loss where it was putting pressure on my jaw. I had that done sometime in the beginning of my last pregnancy and I can feel that there is stuff built up back in the same spot know which they told me is common also for it to build back up. Unfortunately I do not have dental insurance and it cost me almost $200 the first time to get this done. Hoping I can go soon.
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