Rainy days always do this to me!

I love rainy days! I've been sitting here all morning playing with Charlie and staring out of our big window watching the rain and clouds roll in and roll out. I love it so much! Plus, I forgot to turn on the sprinklers yesterday and the day before so this rain was needed for the garden...

Anyway, the only bad part about rainy days is that it gets my brain going. I don't know why it typically happens during these stormy indoor days. I'm thinking about becoming a vermicomposter. What's that? That's a worm farmer! Sounds weird, right?

Here's why it works. I already save my table scraps for compost. And with such a large garden it makes sense to make our own super soil, which worms provide. It doesn't take a lot to start.. just a few bins and some worms and newspaper really.

I'm researching like crazy to find a reason this may not work... so far I'm not finding any. I might be a worm farmer! haha.

Do you find that certain weather conditions do strange things to you?

    8Theresa Gould
    I so want to have a vermicomposter. We may dabble in it since we have a friend writing some homeschool curriculum for it and she wants to look in our manure pile for red worms! I'm sure that sounds weird! lol!

    Hmm....I can't say that weather conditions do strange things to me. I know that I am much more energetic and productive on sunny days than rainy days, usually.
    8Theresa Gould
    I know. Our soil needs lots of compost because I know it is lacking in nutrients.
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