My baby is teething, how can I help her?

Every mom seems to have her favorite way to help her baby during this time. While Charlie has not exhibited some of the nightmarish signs that I've heard about, I've taken a step to hopefully combat some uncomfortable symptoms for him by using an Amber teething necklace. So far I have noticed that his fussiness has subsided some. I'm hoping that getting a head start on this might help when things get really bad.

Aside from teething necklaces there are teething tablets that I also hear a lot about. I've heard great things about something as simple as a frozen washcloth as well. Also, they sell teething rings that you can put in the refrigerator. Charlie really likes his teething rings!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Glad you found a solution that works for Charlie. We used teething rings that could be frozen and teething biscuits. I'd also rub their gums with a clean finger.
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