Goodbye to a classy lady!

I mentioned in a recent post that my husband had to go out of town at the last minute to visit his grandmother, who was very ill. Well, he made it just in time. A few hours after he arrived, she passed away surrounded by her 4 children, many of her 15 grandchildren and even a few of her 27 great-grandchildren. At 93 years old, she lived a full but at times very difficult life - she survived World War 2 in Europe, where most of her family died. She left her childhood home with almost nothing and built a new life far away from what she knew. In the early days, they had very little money, and she and her husband even had to send their oldest son (my husband's uncle) to live with distant relatives for a while b/c finances were so tough.

In spite of all that, I understand she was always a super positive woman. When I first met her, she gave me a great big hug, told me I was beautiful and that she loved me. And she never made me feel like anything other than a member of the family, even when her daughter, my MIL, and I were not getting along that great in the early days. Whenever you asked her how she was doing, she would always say: "I can't complain." And she never did, even when she was in a lot of pain at the very end.

Although living to 93 with all that family, and dying in your own home, is a life to be celebrated, and not to be mourned, it's still hard to say goodbye to somebody that classy (and sassy!) . We will miss her...And I hope that she will be watching out for us from above.

    8Theresa Gould
    What a wonderful tribute to "your" grandmother. She sounds like an amazing woman. I am sorry for your loss. My grandma has been gone for seven years and I still miss her.
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