Friday the 13th!

So.. who is superstitious here?

I think it's all silly, but I still do take part in some things. Like walking under a ladder, throwing out a broken mirror, calling up family if I dream of swallowing my own teeth, slowing down if I see a black cat, etc.

What about you ladies? Do you take part in anything like that?

    My bestie from high school is a practicing Wiccan, and she LOVES today. She's also a nurse, and hospital workers totally say that full moons are nuts in hospitals. I think her mythology is pretty interesting, but I am not all that superstitious about this day.

    I can be superstitious about some things, though, like about inviting bad things to happen...for example, I would never talk out loud about how long it's been since, say, Maddie's diaper leaked and wet the bed, because our luck would make that happen tonight, lol. I don't know why--it just seems to work out that way.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm not really, though my mother was/is. I have caught myself saying, "Knock on wood" after certain things....
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