I wrote a Poem

Children Cries

Just stop, Just stop
Listen to the children cries
What can you hear
What can you feel
I understand their cries
I understand how alone they is with no guides
Those who have a heart reach out to them
They know how it feel to be alone in this world
God send his angels to save those who is weak
“As I walked through the shadow of death I shall not fear no evil”
Hope God see my prayers to help the littles ones
They don’t know
They our innocent in this world
They wasn’t ask to come to this world
Please Heavenly Father help these children
Feel their cries through you as we felt through our soul
Their soul are pure
As we fallen guides in this world we will teach them the right way of this world
There no time for cruel hearted people
We must learn to love ourselves
As we stand in this rain with our arm wide open
We hope that the children cries will be tears of joy.

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      Lovely, thank you!
        8Theresa Gould
        Thank you for sharing!
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