Have a wonderful evening mamas!

I'm making the bf's Father's Day bbq tonight since we've got a busy weekend ahead working on the rental houses.

I spent so much at the store..lol omg. Eek.

So last night I put butter and seasonings on the corn on the cob and wrapped those up. Cleaned, scrubbed, oiled and salted potatoes and wrapped em in foil. Made the cheesecake at midnight (ugh) when we got back from the rentals.

Now.. it's time to marinade the shrimp, season and vacuum pack the t-bones. T-minus 2 hours to celebrating the bf's first father's day!

Be safe out there mamas! If your child's father is in his life, celebrate him!

    Sounds like a lot of work, but soooo gooood. Deliciousness will be had by all!
      8Theresa Gould
      We have to make hubbies goodies yet. We probably won't do it until Sunday morning. Enjoy your celebration!
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