Thank you for being so nice about this!

I'm not a patient person but I am a nice person. I guess people don't expect "nice" any more. Let me tell you what happened to me today.

Well Monday for an exam I had an online proctoring session. Basically they watch you take your exam by a live feed webcam from your home. I took the exam and then checked in on my student portal because usually it shows right up.

By Wednesday there was nothing in my student portal so I emailed my student advisor.

Last night I get an email that my scores were lost and I needed to retake my exam and they were giving me a tuition credit for the problem. Sweet! No problem, I can retake the exam.

I talked to me student mentor today (we talk bi weekly) and I think she was expecting me to yell about it. She kept saying :Thank you for being so accommodating about this." like I did something great.

Stuff happens, right?

It made me wonder, do we have an expectation that when things go wrong that people are going to turn into utter jerks and throw a tantrum?

What do you ladies think?

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    In general, confrontation is scary and I think I expect the worse to happen most of the time.
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