So tired these past few days.

Normally I am a high energy person but these past few days I have been dragging. It's probably the fibromyalgia, my hands and shoulders have been bothering me too so I could be ramping up for a flare. Boo.

My question is, how do you ladies handle fatigue? I can only drink so much coffee, haha.

    8Theresa Gould
    I usually have to rest and sleep. When I get fatigued it is usually because I haven't been getting enough sleep and I can only go on so long with little to no sleep until I crash.
      I've found that food gives me energy or puts me to sleep, and the meal that makes the most difference is breakfast. If I eat starch (especially cereal) for breakfast, I'm tired all day. If I eat eggs and rye toast, I have lots of energy.
        Bethany Reilly
        Lots of protein!
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