Don't judge!

Okay, so I had a rough morning-to-afternoon at work. Had to attend a meeting last-minute, had to reshuffle my responsibilities, had to help someone else with a high-priority project. Not fair on a Friday, right? So I had a drink at lunch...and that drink was a shot of bourbon (sipped daintily, at least--it was decent bourbon).

Full disclosure, I rarely drink. Weeks, sometimes months go by between my alcoholic beverages, but that bourbon just hit the spot. It was all I had today--nothing else boozy. I feel a little bad about it , but it was late afternoon, it will be well out of my system by the time I get home to nurse, I'm not going to do it with any frequency, and a single indulgence doesn't hurt, right? It was so unlike me, but it was also quite tasty.

So that was my mini-adventure--did you do anything surprising today?

    8Theresa Gould
    No, just the same old same old here.
      That small amount will be out of your system so you can still nurse. Nothing adventurous for me today.
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