Teen pregnancy at an all time low because of Teen Mom?

I was reading an article about teen pregnancy being at an all time low and I started to wonder why exactly that is. The article mentioned shows like Teen Mom. Do you think the Teen Mom series on MTV had anything to do with it?


    I wouldn't be surprised. Though I know my high school for a long time had the most teen pregnancies in the entire area...it even got mentioned on Jay Leno once apparently >.< It's changing, though...I wouldn't even be surprised if it were because teens are seeing their friends get pregnant and seeing the changes it causes and the hardships. Or maybe, just MAYBE, they're getting more responsible. Who knows?
      8Theresa Gould
      I saw that too. I don't know. Maybe kids are just getting wiser with their sex lives? I've never seen the Teen Mom show so I can't say how it could affect other teens, other than showing the reality of being a teen mom.
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