Top three must read books

If you had to make a list of the top three books you have ever read what would they be? And yes one of them can be a series, lol. I love reading series myself.

For me:
1. Any of the Harry Potter books. I am a huge fan of the concept and the writing was/is superb.
2. Anne Rice's Servant of the Bones. Her descriptions and the characters were just fantastic. One of my favorite books ever.
3. A Prayer for Owen Meany. I don't know why, but the story has stuck in my head in a significant way. It's very well written.

How about you?

    Hm....that's a tough one.

    These aren't necessarily in order, but:
    1. The Green Rider Series by Kristen Britain...I've loved it for years, it has it's heartbreak and it's happiness, the unexpected twists and "oh shit!" eyebrows raised moments. It's overall a great series.

    2. The Gilded Chain by Dave Duncan (part of the King's Blades Series). It doesn't even matter if you read any of the rest of the series, this is -the- book to my husband and I of it's group. It has other good stories in the series that I suggest reading, but if you had to pick only one, then The Gilded Chain is it.

    3. I'm torn for the third Rhapsody Series, by Elizabeth Haydon. It's heartfelt, has so much heartbreak but so much true friendship and love. There's battle, strife, war, death, love, romance both lost and found, betrayal, etc.
      1. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. So, so, so good! Great stories of Ancient Romans and Greeks...gladiators, love, battle, hate! Awesome!

      2. The Hiding place by Cory ten Boom
      An amazing story of trials and faith and a woman's honest struggle with both. Full of history...the writing isn't great but it's almost like she is there just telling you her story.

      3. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott...simply because it is an incredible story and a classic.
        8Theresa Gould
        That's tough. I've read a lot of good books. I don't know which ones I'd say are the top three must reads. So I'm copping out! lol!
        8Theresa Gould
        I like Suzanne Woods Fisher's books, The Waiting was one I the best books I have read in a long time...and that is all I an think I right now.
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