Eh.. it depends!

I have mixed reviews on this.. on one hand.. it looks redic and so silly.. but on the other hand.. I have heard from Moms who have literally NEEDED to use them or they would probably have a lost child in an amusement park.. ahhh. So I get it.. some kid's personalities are different, maybe they are runners.. maybe they honestly need to stay attached in large places.. and if so, that's fine.

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    We have one for Tristen that we use every once in a while if we are somewhere busy or crowded but I always make him hold my hand even if it's on him. If he won't hold my hand he doesn't get to walk. He's so quick and just not old enough to understand or reason with yet. I hate keeping him trapped in a stroller all the time and want him to learn to walk instead of riding all the time so I find myself in some situations where we need one. But I would never "walk" him on it like you would a puppy.
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