How to maintain a normal iron level during pregnancy

Iron is essential for oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in red blood cells and also helps maintain healthy muscles. It clears from your body very quickly, so you need to eat iron-rich foods on a daily basis:
-red meat
-sesame seeds
-fortified cereals

Liver and kidneys are rich in iron but should be avoided in pregnancy.

Animal sources of iron are better absorbed than the iron found in fruits and vegetables, although iron-rich food such as apricots and prunes have the advantage that they are also a good source of fiber, which help prevent constipation.

Pregnant women used to be advised to eat large amounts of liver because it is rich in iron, but it is now known that the high levels of vitamin A may cause birth defects. So avoid liver and liver products such as sausage and pate.

An important point is that iron absorption is improved when iron is taken with acidic drinks that contain vitamin C, such as orange juice. On the other hand both milk and antacid drugs reduce the uptake of iron, so have your glass of milk between meals and increase your intake of iron-rich foods if you need to take antacids for indigestion.

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