..clean house.. clear mind.

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way.. but I function and my mood is SO much better when my house is clean and organized.. I've honestly come to the conclusion to be productive working, I need it to be this way.. I also think I am probably a weeeee bit OCD :) But hey.. whatever. Monroe loves the vacuum already soo... maybe a tiny helper in the years to come? hehe

Mamas.. do you feel the same.. clean house means clear mind?

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      Yes!!! We have roommates (who are moving out thankfully!!!) and they're messier than me and they drive me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHH!!! But as I said thank goodness they're moving out. David deep cleaned the house while Luke and I were in florida and when I came home, I was in heaven!!
        Me and my husband are both like that. It drives us crazy when the house is messy.
          Me too.. If the house is clean and organized my mind is good.. But if the house is to much mess oh no my mood is too bad i cannot relax.
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