Should you check your children's homework?

I'm not doing this so much from the standpoint of a mom as a person who has been a kid and had kid friends... Kids are tricky lil deceivers sometimes! I also won't say ALWAYS. Because, sometimes a kid's gotta learn his own way. But every now and then, or with decent frequency, I think it's probably a good idea to check a kid's homework.

It's really easy to say “I don't have homework.” Or scribble in nonsensical answers so it looks like it has been done, but really hasn't. I knew tons of kids of used to do this. Surprising how frequently it gets past teachers too, until they decide to collect them for a grade. Whoops.

Also, if your kid is like I was, against having to do the work at home but also refusing to have low-quality or incomplete work, it'll save them lots of feverish, semi-stressful, writiing in the mornings/between classes/during lunch. I know I did that a LOT.

Beyond that, checking homework can catch problems before they start. I'm sure you've all heard to “practice the right way” because practicing the wrong way can cause even more problems after you're brain's already wired that way. It can be a lot more difficult and time consuming to break a habit and relearn than to just learn something the right way the first time. It can be very frustrating for an adult, much less a child.

It keeps you in the loop too, so there are no surprises on the report card. It keeps you engaged with your child, in an authoritative role, and gives you a little more interactive time before they're all grown up.

If you know the subject matter, it can, of course, help your childs grades too. However, I will say I think intervening when they need help is one thing, but there is a deep satisfaction with doing something on your own, without another's help, criticism, or corrections. So.. like everything, it's a two-sided coin. That's why I think checking homework some of the time is probably a good idea, but not strictly every night if you don't want...

I don't have to deal with this yet though, obviously!!

So, you mamas with kids.... Tell me, do you think you should or shouldn't check your kids homework every night?

Why do you choose the method you have?

Oh... and homeschooling mamas. How does that work? Do the kids still have “homework” or I guess independent work they do on their own time when they choose? Or...?

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    Eventually my mom stopped checking my homework because it was beyond her, and that's maybe when I got laziest. I think I would always like to check on homework. I haven't actually given it much thought yet, beyond brushing up on my math skills with Khan Academy.
    I had not heard of those--thanks for the suggestion!
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