Causes of red cheeks on children?

It's probably nothing serious, as this is a pretty common symptom, especially in children. The reasons for a red rash on the cheeks of a child could be many different things. To name a few...

“Slapped Cheek Syndrome” or Fifth's Disease which is characterized by a bright red rash on the cheeks that comes quickly and gives the child the appearance of having been slapped. It's spread through respiratory secretions and generally isn't serious. The rash may spread other places like the legs. Kids often have a high temperature. They may also have a sore throat and other flu/cold like symptoms.

Rubella- The MMR vaccine will prevent this in most children

Scarlet Fever- The most obvious feature of this will be the red rash on the face and probalby the neck. The child will also most likely have a high fever and swollen glands in the neck. It is caused by some strains of the Strep. virus.

Rubeola (measles)- MMR vaccine also wards against this... With measles, a highly infectious respiratory disease, there will likely be other symptoms and the rash won't be confined to the cheeks, instead body wide. The child will also probably have fever, runny nose, and a cough.

Food allergy- Rashes are pretty common with food allergies and may appear anywhere, including the cheeks.

Lupus- Most of us have heard of the “butterfly rash” associated with lupus, also called a malar rash. It spreads over the cheek and nose like a butterfly. Not everyone with lupus has this rash and not everyone with this rash has lupus.

Sunburn- baby skin can burn much quicker than adults, so though this may seem obvious, it isn't always! Especially if your child is paler than you and you're not quite usedto dealing with such fair skin or how quickly it can burn in the sun.

Rosacea- I'm not sure if kids get this one, but it's also a red rash on the cheek.

There are all sorts of dermatological problems that cause a red rash on the cheek. Like I said, there's probably no reason to worry. Check your child's temperature just to be safe and if it's bothering him/her or worrying you too much, take a trip to the pediatrician just to be on the safe side!

What other reasons do you know for a child to have a red rash on his/her cheeks?

Has it happened to your kids? What was it?

Moms Expertise
    That's all I know too, but I noticed Lucas's cheeks do get red and even a little bumpy when he's too hot. He gets a little heat rash. Getting him cool again or wiping with a cool cloth takes it away. :) It only happens when we go outside for a little too long haha.
      I was going to mention heat rash, hives. Adison has fare skin and we live in the desert, so she gets heat rash a lot. She gets goofy and occassionally spits her drink out and it gets on her face, or if she drools her milk onto her face, she gets a mild rash very quickly. She also has eczema, I use the creams, presciptions, aveeno eczema body wash, lotion, etc. you name , I have it or have tried it and so she gets red itchy/flaky skin from that in the hottest and coldest part of the year. Not just her face though.
        Melissa Middleton
        I had rosy cheeks as a child until I was fifteen. I didn't have any of these and they eventually faded. My son has sensitive skin so we use fragrance free products. He does not have any red rashes on his face though since using the cream.
          Can children flush with exertion? I don't even know. Maddie doesn't have red cheeks often.
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