Feel so guilty

So my friend has two kids and their ages are 3months and almost 3years old. My friend called me yesterday and asked if i could watch them. I said yes and she said she would pay me. I told her as many times as she said she would pay me i said no its fine and that she could watch my kids one day as its fair.
Well today she came and dropped the kids off at 3:15pm and i fed and changed them and everything was fine, and logan was so happy his best friend was at our house. She picked up the kids around 5:30. I gave her some of vincents old bottles he dont use and a baby carrier to strap on to her as her son is like vince and loves to be held. We talked but she had to go. She hands me 20dollars and i asked her what it was for. She said for watching thr kids and the stuff. I told her no i didnt want it and she begged me to take it so i did. But i feel so bad that she paid me

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