lets talk car seats...

Challenge: height, weight, length...
among other things..
Infant seats: portability, rocking options for a young one when out and about, easier to strap an infant in the seat when out of the vehicle, often clicks into a stroller combo which is convenient. Baby often gets hot/sweaty past a certain length or weight and is uncomfortable in the seat.
Convertible seats: not portable - stationary, not able to dismount and rock on the floor for a younger child, at some point a child is large enough to strap in and out of the car easily - sooner rather than later. Breathable, many convertibles have breathable fabric and other ventilated options. Many infants become frustrated with the heat their infant seat generates. Length and Weight restrictions are now very similar between infant and convertible seats.

What do you think?
Which did you choose? and why?

lets talk car seats...lets talk car seats...
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