hello girls

what do you guys think about taking the whooping cough shot while prgnant moms did not take it for so long why do it now im 50 50 on it.

    my boyfriend wont do it if I decide to do it when is your baby in the safe zone if not everyone takes the shot to have him around them
      My doctor advised me not to get the shot. He said I was more likely to get in and give it to the baby if I got the shot than if I didn't. When you get a vaccination they are injecting you with the virus. Granted the virus is supposed to be dead or inactive cells for your body to identify and fight off. But you are still exposing yourself to the virus. I know people who every time they get a flu shot they wind up getting the flu but if they opt out of getting it usually do not get it.
        being a new mom is scary I think I might go with not taking it thanks for the advice girls I think im going to not taking it I do beleive in god and I should trust he will take care of my child
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