pregnancy after miscarriage

This is for all the mothers who have gone through a miscarriage and gotten pregnant shortly after. What were your symptoms? And how long before you suspected that you were pregnant again? Because I'm haven't been feeling like myself im tired almost all the time and I've been feeling nauseous for about the last week or 2 weeks and I can't stand the smell of food, cause that's what's makes me nauseous. Plus my mom always seems to know when I'm pregnant before I do and she was telling me when we went to the market earlier this week that she's been craving fish and she doesn't like anything seafood. So any advice would be helpful here.

Thanks ladies

    thanks ladies I miscarried in the middle of March of this I hope its just leftover hormones from the pregnancy, because I took a home test last month and it came back negative. But now that my husband and I are on the same page again....we are kinda talking about trying for another baby, but I think that is going to be hard because my periods are coming almost ever 2 I plan to see a new doctor because I moved and see what I can do to regulate them agian
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