Assistance and Job Search

In order to receive cash and food assistance I have to work 30 hours a week or at least be job searching and have proof. Considering I am only working my actual job about 15 hours a week its been a struggle. I work for my ex-boyfriend (the tummy monster's father) which is kind of rough too.
So, I'm looking for a data entry, call-center, administrative, receptionist, ANYTHING other than factories and food service. There aren't a lot of opportunities for retail positions in my area so that's a hard job to snag, even if it isn't completely desirable, its better than the alternative. I guess this is what I get for staying in BFE after high school.
This pregnancy has pushed me to want to be better. I want to go back to school in the fall. Computer Science is the goal right now, or web design. Something marketable.
If anyone has any tips or words of wisdom I would love to hear it.

    Thanks. They offer a bit. I wasn't able to fill my quotas so I'm just going to drop from the program. I'm on bed rest now so I could have an excuse but its all so frustrating.
      I am also receiving WIC but $10 a month worth of veggies and highly restricted "staples" isn't really enough to feed me.
      The program was through Department of Human Services and Michigan works. They make it horribly difficult (understandably) to receive assistance. I may try again in the future but I'm exhausted with it and although I would love to have food that I actually like, given my current living circumstances with family I'm not going to starve.
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