Are you a huggy person or no?

Some people are very physically affectionate and others simply are not. A lot of us probably fall somewhere in the middle with it depending on who the giver or receiver of affection is.

How would you describe yourself?

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      The -only- people I am physically affectionate with are my husband and daughter. I hug my mom when I see her, but that's rarely. The only other person I have willingly hugged was my best friend, Eric, and that's only been twice. First time, at our wedding once the "I Do's" were past, he asked if he could hug me (we asked him to be the "pastor" and he got ordained online for us lol, and he's been friends with my husband ever since they can remember), and the second time was when we told him we were having a baby, he asked again for a hug. He knows to ask because he knows I'm not touchy-feely with people lol.

      I don't shake hands unless it's at a job interview or something.
        I'm a hugger, but I only share that with people I know. I am in the middle with general affections. :)
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