How to start a moms meet up group

You can post for this type of group in your local Facebook community groups. This way people get to know each other before actually meeting in a safer forum.

I would steer clear of places like Craigslist, there seem to be some... special... people on those forums.

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    I've heard of a lot of people using, too, but I haven't tried it myself.
      I've used meetup once, but I usually prefer facebook groups and then creating events in facebook :)
        I think a mom meet up group would be a lot of fun! But I'm not very good at letting people I don't really know around me or Andrew. If they aren't teaching there child good things I'm not so sure I want them around my kid. It might be mean to say but sometimes when I'm around other moms I get a real bad feeling about how they are or how they react to their child. I could maybe be a part of a group I just wouldn't start one. All the people would be hand picked if I was running it.
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