Would you be mad?

So our neighbors are always letting their visitors park in our yard. The one that do it all have driveways and yards of their own to park on. One day they did it right by here I was playing in our yard with Tristen. This morning we woke up to an SUV on our lawn full of junk. My husband left a not on the car but it's been there all morning. With all the stuff that has happened around here and all the cars being stolen and houses broken into I just dot feel safe with a random car in our yard. Would it make you upset?

    In your yard?? Why do your neighbors have permission to grant people to park in your yard? I think they don't, and I'd have a BIG problem with it!
      Yeah so we were just about to call and they seen my Mom come get me and Tristen and they came over ad someone had gotten arrested and just left the car there. Decided to go get some sleep before they moved their car! Here in oregon the car has to be there 48 hours before it can be towed. But they moved it when we told them we were about to call the police.
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