I saw that!

My mom had me convinced when I was little that she had eyes in the back of her head. Well, not convinced so much as I had no explanation for how she knew some of the things she knew, lol.

Do your kids believe you have some type of mom power?

My daughter for the longest time thought I could make the stop lights turn green, not realizing I was watching for the other side to turn red. She was totally amazed by me saying "now" and pointing at the lights, watching them turn green. When she figured it out on her own years later she got a huge kick out of it!

My son still thinks I can do this, haha.

    lol, that's great. I was pretty gullible as a child, and my mom convinced me that if there were spots on my fingernails, that meant I lied to her. I'd wrack my brain for something to confess, lol.
      YES! My kids tell me all the time "Just use your Mom powers" Last night we were walking from a friend's' house to the car. It was night, so dark... but not so dark I couldn't see. Apparently the kids were disoriented. As we got close to the car and we realized where we were, Mason said "Oh wow! You must have Mom Powers that make you see in the dark!!! Do you??"
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