A cough that comes and goes, when to worry?

Bub has had a nasty cough that comes and goes for about two weeks now. At first it was awful but cough medicine helped. Now it's not often it happens but especially when he's more active, like running for example.

I have exercise induced asthma so I worry he might have the same thing. Am I being paranoid? Talk me down ladies, lol.

    My brother also has exercise-induced asthma. How long has it been going on? I think, if it's not an immediate concern (like an attack), if it's still happening at a month, I'd check in with the pedi.
      I don't think you are being paranoid, but rather cautious. I wouldn't panic, but maybe start tracking it and his activity levels to see if there is a correlation. Maybe once it goes away see if you can induce it right away - take him somewhere he will be active and see if it comes back right away.
        Checking in--how's the cough today?
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