Does your child have a hobby?

My daughter is very crafty. Right now her hobby is making bracelets, before that it was making cosplay outfits. Somewhere in there she got into molding with clay.

My son is a gamer, I have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't spend too much time doing it. But man does he love video games!

    I think I can honestly say Maddie is a reader. I know everyone reads to their kids at this age, but I don't feel like we ever stop reading! I hope we're building a hobby she can enjoy forever.
      Mason is a gamer as well. Even at just 4 (almost 5) I truly think he would play video games non-stop if we let him. If he's not playing, he's asking to watch a video about them. If we tell him "no electronics" he plays with his legos and makes characters from the game (minecraft) that he plays, or draws pictures of them, or whatever... he's obsessed!!!
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