What are your breastfeeding horror stories?

Honestly, biting around eight months was the worst thing that happened for me. I have been pretty lucky that my daughter took to nursing and bottle-feeding expressed milk pretty easily.

I did struggle with supply and pumping for about a year because I never was able to create a back-up supply, so I what I pumped was almost always used the next day. That was stressful, but we got through it.

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    Getting Mason to latch was the hardest thing for me. I wanted to breastfeed him so badly and I remember in the hospital with him he just wouldn't latch on and eat. The nurses told me his blood sugar was getting too low and that I needed to get him to eat something. I ended up having a lactation consultant help me learn to hand express - I expressed into a plastic spoon and we poured it down his throat. It worked and we only had to do it twice before he finally decided he would give the whole eating thing a try.
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