"You're okay!"

I know there are a bunch of articles out there that say you shouldn't tell your kids, "You're okay" when they get hurt or cry, but I can't seem to stop myself! I still try very hard to give my daughter words to express her feelings, like "Oh, that's an ouchie! That hurt!" or "That was so scary!" but I still end up saying some form of "okay" first without even thinking. I'm not sure why. Maybe because my mom always says it?

What do you think? Do you try to change the way you parent based on the information out there? Do you sometimes struggle with it?

I was thinking that too, that as long as you give the descriptive words too, can "you're okay" really be that bad?
    I do the same thing. I can't help it.
      I'm with Linda. I don't assume, but I try to keep a positive attitude and a cheerful tone to my voice when I say "Oops! Are you Okay??" In my experience there are lots of times where my kids will look to me to find out how they should react. When they fall and aren't seriously hurt, keeping myself cheerful and seemingly un-panicked can be the difference between a total melt down, and a kid that runs off to go play again.
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        I like this a lot, thanks for the suggestion!
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