How long did you wait to try conceiving after pregnancy

I am one of four children, and we are all 3 years apart. My husband has a sister and they are about 2 years apart. We talked about having another one when Adison turned about 1, and we were really set on having them about 2-3 years apart. We have been trying to conceive for over a year and have not been successful quite yet, but it appears they will be at least 4 years apart now. Not ideally what we wanted, but we will take what we can get! My sister in law has 2 kids, that around just about a year apart, she got pregnant on some sort of birth control pill that you take when you breastfeed. I absolutely love how close her kids are with eachother, since they are so close in age, they are able to do every type of the same activity together and the youngest of the two is just a tad bit older than Adison, so they get along wonderfully. I hope when we do have another child they are still able to come together and have fun together even with the age difference

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    I stopped BC when Maddie was 1, but we haven't been trying very hard. I don't have any hard plans for how much of an age difference I want.
      We have been on a don't prevent, don't try kick since Mason was born pretty much. We decided we were going to try for a second, and I found out I was pregnant. Shortly before I got pregnant with Hayden, we agreed that we were only going to have one more... so now we are preventing.

      So I guess in response to the actual question... we didn't wait at all ;)
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