What can I do?

I need someone to talk to or some ideas. Im a seperated mom of three. Three wonderful kids. I love them to death. We have lived in public housing since I left their father and now he is taking me back to court. Well anyway this year has been horrible for me on job searching, on trying to get a vehicle (even got scammed), and now this whole court situation. The stress has been so bad that I had even developed the shingles. Do any of the parents out there know of a program that help get families into vehicles? I have had several job offers that are outside the buss line and to far for me to walk or ride a bike. So I have had no choice but to turn them down.

ChristinaRichmond, Virginia
    I'm sorry you are in a tough spot, Christina! I don't know much about the program, but I know the Kidney Foundation collects car donations for families in need... but I don't know what their actual process is other than picking up the car. Sorry I can't be more help!!
      This is one program I found in my area and I am going to go on Tuesday to the social services building. with the print out. http://www.vehiclesforchange.org/need-a-car/overv… Im hoping I can get some help.

      Its just really frustrating and HARD. I moved to my place 2 years ago after leaving an abusive husband. This year is just REALLY damn hard.. I just want to cry sometimes and I look at the kids and push forward. Is that all we really can do sometimes?
        Thank you ladies... I am so glad I found this supportive group.. Hugs you all.
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        a Homebody.. I rather stay home then go out to crowds. The kids are amazing,. They are my World. IM a survivor but need HELP and support weither its emotional or financial. Ill tell you if you ask..