Is your child above average?

I think it is important to note what is average. Average would be whatever is developmentally appropriate for their age. So, above average would be beyond that, either mentally or physically.

In your opinion, is your child advanced, or above average in some area?

    Both...some things make me go "wow he's really smart" and the doctor said he's almost a year ahead in his motor skills...but then he does things that make me scratch my head and wonder. His hair and teeth are very delayed! Lol I think as far as talking he started super young and was advanced but now is about averageish...maybe behind a bit. He loves his grunting and oooooo sounds.
      I guess I should answer my own questions, right?

      My daughter is average mentally and physically. She's way above average in being artsy/crafty though. She certainly didn't get that from me!

      My son is above average in school be he has his struggles too.

      I don't look at my kids and see "above average" though if that makes sense. I see them as having strengths and weaknesses. I brought this up because a lot of mommy wars (in real life) seem to focus on having that kid who is above average. it seems kinda silly to me.
      I will never understand why women do this...I mean I figure me bragging about him doesn't change the fact that everyone I would brag to can hear him making monkey sounds even though I'd like to say I sat down the other day and discussed world economics with him the other day at only a year old. Lol
        Haiden my oldest is above average on a few things. But he was average on walking, talking, rolling, sitting and eating. He does struggle with fine motor skills and speech.

        Logan my middle was above average on motor skills and talking. But now he seemed to slow down.

        Vince is below average on a lot because of his tortacollis he had. But he seems to be catching up. I think he might be a late talker
          I would say Adison is average, although it took awhile for her to get to this point. She started crawling at about 6 months and took her first walk on her 1st birthday.
          She didn't really start using words or talking till she was just shy of turning 2. I was very discouraged and thought she was behind after small talk with people at work. A lot of times someone would ask me how Adison was doing and I would be like "she is doing great she just started using words!!!" and they would shut down my excitement with "Oh really? I have a nephew thats her age that is already using complete sentences." (that was just one example) I don't believe it was intentionally bashing me, but in a way thats how I took it. I talked to Jim a lot about whether she was behind and we talked about speech therapy. I would read books to Adison, talk to her,and try to get her to "use her words" and she would get very frustrated with me, and I figured if she was frustrated with me, there is no way I was going to have some stranger put her through this unless the pediatrician recommended doing so. I am very glad I waited.
          She is 2yrs 7 months and has blossomed tremendously. She knows all her colors, the alphabet, she can count up 20, and count backwards from 10. She can clearly sing a variety of different songs (abc's, row your boat, b-i-n-g-o, twinkle twinkle, patty cake) She also knows approx 3-4 of her favorite cartoon theme songs (mickey mouse clubhouse, dora the explorer, & sheriff callie). She knows a ton of animals and the sounds they make.

          With that being said- we have not reached the point where you can have full conversations with her. You can ask her a few questions and she will respond. There are a handful of sentences she can say, her communication progresses daily. It's exciting and scary.

          I also enrolled her in those infant swim classes, so god forbid something happen and she fell in the pool she can get herself up out of the water and flip over onto her back and tread water. Although I only let her in the pool area supervised and with a life vest on.

          If you would of asked me 7 or 8 months ago- I would be saying she is a litlte behind.
            I think Grace is above in school she's very smart with math especially but she's below when it come to motor I think she always running into stuff or falling but I have had her ears checked so Idk. She also have speech therapy.
            Lelynn was delayed as a small child Crawled late, didn't walk till 15 months old. but he got his teeth early. He also has speech therapy He is very smart now likes taking things apart and putting them back together just like his daddy. But I work in daycare and all children are different in their on ways .
              Ellsie's pediatricians say she's "above average" considering she's a preemie and is already developmentally where she should be in terms of motor skills. She actually started pulling to stand early, and sitting up early. But on the other side of the spectrum she's 9 months old and JUST learned how to pincer grasp an object to feed herself, and she still hates holding her own bottle (but she does know how to do this) and hasn't quite mastered a sippy cup by herself, but she'll drink from one. She also has a bit of a vocabulary for her age too in that she says, "momma, dada, hey/hi, yeah and baby." She also attempts to say kitty, "key" and quack quack, "quee." I also work with her four/seven days a week and I think that attributes to a lot.

              But every child is different. And develops and learns how they're intended.
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