Don't want to say they all are, but...

I bought a used bassinet for my son to sleep in just for the first little while since we had no money and it was small enough to fit in our RV bedroom.
I bought a new mattress for him and it worked just fine. I think it depends on the design and condition as to whether it's really safe or not.
If you can afford to buy new so you can get the recall card with it, you are probably better off though.

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    Yep, they can't sell things that have been recalled and they have to follow protocols in order to sell an item. The protocols are they must sanitize it and check for recalls. The item should have a tag on it with the date it was sanitized and they should have a system for recording when they looked into recalls. I don't know if that is every state, but it is the case in VA. You can be fined for not having this done.
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