WOW! Customer service rant!

Okay. I have worked many customer service jobs. Regardless of what industry you work in, my view is and always will be this. If you don't like your job, get a different one. If you're bad at your job, get better or get a new one. Also, never upset the customer with the baby. There are some moms (like me) who will let the baby be as loud as he wants and not even attempt to quiet him down. Eh ahem.

So tonight I'm out of town so I'm working from the pizza place. This is the only place that has wifi at this time of night.

So it's a small town Saturday night at the pizza place. I get it young man behind the counter, you work for tips. So the bigger group of people ordering beers will probably tip you more than I will. Especially since I've been sitting here for 15 minutes AFTER I said I was ready to order and have not seen you since.

So.. if my 6 month old decides he's not happy, perhaps you should have made sure his parents were.

End rant. GAH!

    Oh no, Charlie is doing great. He's kissing his reflection in the mirror by our table... I'm just saying.. You don't have to put me first but if you choose to ignore me and serve everyone else first, you COULD be dealing with a screaming baby. Charlie screams when he wants to. Not because he's upset, that's just what he does. It's up to this guy working if I take him outside and let him holler or just let him crack one open right here.. no difference to me at all...*shrug*
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